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How Do I Convert Youtube Videos To Mp3 on My Iphone or Computer?

To convert your Youtube videos to mp3 on Your Iphone, PC or Computer: 

  • Copy the video link from Youtube of the youtube video of your choice. (It has to be one of ours - it's our policy!)
  • Enter your email address above to access our youtube converter downloads.
  • Choose the video url or link embed from the youtube videos on the page. 
  • Download your mp3 file of your youtube video ( we convert from wmv or other high quality formats).

Download your Youtube to mp3 Files From The Miracle Pianist's Personal youtube converter Archives ABOVE.  

Follow the onscreen instructions on the following page to get your youtube videos converted to mp3 recordings of your videos.  

At the Miracle Pianist website we only convert files from our own personal archives from our youtube videos.  

Please review your country's Conversion Laws before using other sites. Rest assured that all youtube video conversions here are legal as they are our own video downloads that we are making available to you.

Please know that in the process of youtube video to mp3 conversion, we strongly advocate contacting copyright holders for permission to download. It's only fair to them as it is their video mp3 . We only provide our own youtube videos for download and use here for this youtube mp3 tool. So you're free to use our youtube videos that we created in house. Our service is free of charge.

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